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Eu seria o cara que serviu o cara zueiro

2021.09.25 03:13 ImpossibleBadger4881 Eu seria o cara que serviu o cara zueiro

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2021.09.25 03:13 Antique_Edge1265 AdaptBSC - This revolutionary project is taking reflection tokens to another level || September - 8% ADA - Rewards October - 8.5% ADA Rewards and so on, this will go on till it hits 15%


Transparency: ADAPT is decentralized and is supported by its community of dedicated people. They are all about open communication and want to build the foundation on transparency, trust, and community.

Trust: In cryptocurrency market trust is the most important factor. This means full transparency not only in the community and development but also in security efforts. The team from ADAPT is willing to dox themselves, when certain Marketcaps are reached. They are also planning to get audited by a third party dessert finance. LP tokens will be locked aswell.

Longterm: ADAPT is here to stay. The decentralized community is fostering and adopting long term development of the ecosystem and foundation in efforts to drive real use cases, and greater rewards beyond any temporary trends.

Community-powered: ADAPT is decentralized and owned by its dedicated and vibrant community. They welcome and embrace different perspectives to build ADAPT into the best community in crypto.


- 8% in ADA rewards.

ADA reflections will increase 0.5% every month for the Buy transactions. The sell fee will always stay at 15%. By November 2022 you will receive 15% ADA Rewards on Buy transactions!

- 1% To Fuel the Liquidity Pool

- 1% Marketing Wallet
🔹 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Contract: 0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2

🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xff1bff2ad77204d2a1bb2740e17f3eca1f0cfff2#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x831ee28bEfD29DFbF71A26c2266c0360F19A2e49
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2021.09.25 03:13 StreamingMinecraft Cannot find the key to the cache in bywater (Aftershock) and random key door opened automatically (nothing inside)

Just started aftershocks. Had a few mishaps with explosions but eventually got into the auto shop. on the right are two doors and I accidentally dropped a bottle. out comes an NPC who shoots at me and dies to my shotgun, but the door was key locked apparently but it was just a standard bathroom. Going through I found the cache and tried to insert a random key I'd found (idk name, game crashed later and don't remember) didn't work, tried inserting it into the key door, didn't work. stumped, I tried going around to all the places nursing everyone with my shotgun and guess what. couldn't find the key, apparently I never searched the office even though I went into every building in lumber and basically all of bywater at that point. i then somehow activated a tripmine that suddenly crashed my game.
game was also telling me to open the cache to finish quest
before trying to attempt aftershock again I need to know what I did wrong. is it just a glitch on my part? or can someone tell me if I missed the key somehow? I'm too lazy and worried to try it again if I'm just gonna get stumped. and sorry for ramping in potentially sections, I'm very talkative and also annoyed. spent atleast 30-40m including all of the random explosions.
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2021.09.25 03:13 Seraphimecha Nocticron f1.2 vs new 25-50mm f1.7 in Low Light Performance

I'm wondering if there any any reviews out there or opinions of others who might know the difference in low light performance between the Leica 42.5mm f1.2 vs the new 25-50mm f1.7 coming out.
Do you think it's worth selling my Nocticron f1.2 for this new f1.7 lens. Is there even a huge difference?
I own a GH5S and the low light capabilities is insane on the camera already. When pairing that with the f1.2 Nocticron I get probably THE best low light performance in M43 format.
What's your opinions?
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2021.09.25 03:13 redyosh98 I drew Crisis? What Crisis?

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2021.09.25 03:13 sub2pewds_12 i'm just saying

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2021.09.25 03:13 General-Mulberry-541 Calling him "the French man"

Is so annoying and seems so childish to me, like calling a middle school crush "gym shorts" or "Gatorade". They could have given him any fake name and it would have been less cringe. Jim, Joe, John, Chris - literally anything.
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2021.09.25 03:13 CheetoSoup444 Started watching at 40k subs

y’all were stealing soccer balls from the house league games
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2021.09.25 03:13 Pixilmon69420lololol A few words added at beginning and end, autocorrect the rest

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2021.09.25 03:13 Simz88 Checking Socials, Me, Clip Studio Paint, 2021

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2021.09.25 03:13 samowham Heat presses in Australia

Does anyone from Australia know where the best places to get quality heat presses from?
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2021.09.25 03:13 sentimentalbean Working hard but not losing weight :(

22F / 163cm / 81kg
For the past two weeks, I’ve worked out every single day (either Pilates, a long walk up a hill without stopping, a run, or a Grow With Jo YouTube video) and my average daily calories has been 1600 (sometimes over, sometimes under). According to my Fitbit, I’ve burnt at least 2500 calories every day (sometimes as many as 2800). But I haven’t lost any weight yet- I’ve actually gained 0.1kg :( This is so disheartening and it makes me feel guilty and shitty because it feels like I must have just eaten too much- yet I’m still in a 900 cal deficit each day!! (Even if we say fitbit is overestimating my calories burned, I should be in at least a 500 cal deficit each day).
It’s not that I’m under-estimating my food intake because I meticulously weigh and log every single thing I eat. Please help, feeling really discouraged :(
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2021.09.25 03:13 Kylonetic133 Discolored Screenshots in D2R

Anyone else try to print screen in D2R and your screenshots are completely discolored? Almost like a greyscale? Or washed out coloring?
Could this possibly be to HDR being enabled? I tried messing with brightness settings, then taking screenshots and that did nothing.
The picture looks absolutely beautiful and perfect when playing. However, screenshots? Totally awful.
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2021.09.25 03:13 OhGriggsy Idk what to do

I need some advice. I'm 22M and within the past 4 weeks or so have made some new friends and now apart of this 10-12 person friend group and we're all really into cars and go to the same car meets together and so on. They've all known eachother for months and some for years and I'm kinda just the new person but we all get along really...well almost all of us.
I'll won't be using their real names just incase but I don't think anyone in the group uses reddit 😅
Anyways to get into it and explain the situation.... You have Greg, Mike and Jessica in this friend group. Greg and Mike were pretty great friends...but they both had feelings for Jessica. Jessica and Mike had relationship but it only lasted around 2 weeks and was a complete trainwreck and turned out Mike really only just wanted to sleep with her, pressured her into it and shortly after they broke up. Greg took Jessica's side and now because of it Greg and Mike are no longer close/friends but they do remain civil for the most part.
Well now Jessica and Greg are "besties" but Greg still has alot of feelings for Jessica but she's pretty much friendzoned him into oblivion.
Here's where I come in...It's kind of early for me to to truly know if I'm really into Jessica but there is some sort of interest for me anyways. I just can't tell yet if it's a sexual interest because she's this attractive, blonde car girl...or if I'm interested in her from a dating/genuine relationship standpoint. Regardless of looks she's honestly 1 of the nicest people I've ever met and is extremely social and easy to talk to.
I'm worried that if I "pursue" her; If she even wants a relationship if it would cause drama in the friend group and more so really start drama with Greg. There's things that have happened that makes me think Greg has no and won't get a chance. For example the entire group of us had a party last Saturday night and Greg got hammered drunk and Jessica had come over to me and whispered into my ear asking if I could take care of Greg since she knows he has feelings for her and he may think something of her taking care of him. Also a few nights Greg had made me aware of him and her getting into it a little bit and "people putting shit in her head" and now they're gonna try to separate themselves and do their own things which kinda mentally destroyed Greg but they still seem to be friends/friendly.
I'm not worried about Mike and the situation with him as we're upfront with eachother and he said to do whatever makes me happy and our friendship won't change but I am slightly worried at what could happen if her and me were to start seeing eachother and what Greg would think/do. I know it seems like there's alot in the air but that's why I'm here asking should I even try to invest in this or maybe just wait and see what happens in 1-2 months time?
Me and Jessica are going to a "Cars and Coffee" Sunday morning. So far I haven't invited anyone else or told anyone else to meet us there as I want to see what happens and how she sees this. If she invites people cool because it'll probably be friends from within our group, If not then maybe there's also some sort of mutual interest? Idk.
Am I a bad person for even considering to "pursue" or talk to Jessica knowing all this?
Tl;dr: I'm in a friend group of 10-12 people and have interest in this girl but she's dated 1 guy in the friend group (he just wanted to sleep with her) and another guy in the friend group has crazy feelings for her but she's friendzoned him to hell and I don't think she feels the same. Should I "pursue" something with her or is there too much drama involved?
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2021.09.25 03:13 mad_spreadsheets_yo Pumpkin cake! I wish I'd glazed it over a rack though. :(

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2021.09.25 03:13 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.25 03:13 PMmeRVUs Observation Medicine

Anyone here have experience doing obs? I just accepted a position and would like to know what an average day looks like.
I have been in the ED for 3 years now and I’m a little nervous about changing specialty. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2021.09.25 03:13 BanyemeyenNordroia Mobil için genel adblocker tavsiyesi

mal olduğum için araştırıp düzgün bir adblocker indirmeye tenezzül etmemiştim. özel dns kullanmam yeterli diye düşünüyodum ama değilmiş. son zamanlarda kanser olmaya başladım. bu yüzden mallığı bırakıp araştırdım bi kaç tanesini denedim ama pel işe yaramadı. önerebilceğiniz bir adblocker var mı?
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2021.09.25 03:13 LilyMcAllister 25% OFF! Amazon's Choice [Amazon] Zinus 3-Step Comfort Pet Stairs / Pet Ramp / Pet Ladder, Small

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2021.09.25 03:13 ryandeelryandeel Good luck patrick

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2021.09.25 03:13 iwantsalsa The ACLU morphs into the Ministry of Truth

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2021.09.25 03:13 tejulalmalviy Must listen satsang by sant rampalji maharaj satlok

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2021.09.25 03:13 wrightreyesfuture 2021 sorento LX AWD fan (radiator?) runs after shutting the car off?

Wondering if this is normal design, did drive it 150 miles home from the dealer. Brand new 8 miles on it.
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2021.09.25 03:13 angstyauthorboi damon albarn art by @dreaming_costs_money

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2021.09.25 03:13 ShelbyEileen Sharing advice for new growers

Everyone can use advice sometimes, and I hope this helps some of you guys out. I've been gardening since I was a little girl, and this is my second year growing 'ladies'. I learned a lot of hard lessons.
First, buy your mason jars now. Right now. They're going to sell out, and you'll be price gouged. Canning and growing cannabis are both gaining popularity.
Getting your humidity packs now isn't a bad idea either. The price gets inflated, on Amazon, so much during mid October to December.
If you're going to ask this sub if your plant is ready to chop; we'll never be able to tell, definitively, unless you take a microscopic photo of the Trichomes that are on the bud itself (not the ones on the sugar leaves). There are $20 usb microscope cameras on Amazon that are amazing. I use a Jiusion and it does the job just fine. A photo with a normal phone camera just won't cut it, unless you attach a jewelers loupe.
The effects you're hoping for, will determine what you want to see under that microscope. If you want more of a head high, upper, with more THC; chop when there's almost entirely cloudy trichs. Many wait till there are at least 5% amber ones too. If you want more CBN, with anti anxiety, and sleep properties; chop with majority amber. If you wait too long, though, the plant starts to break down; and if you chop while there's a lot of clear, that bud will likely cause anxiety as an effect.
Here's a general guide
Mosquito nets are better than BT caterpillar killer. BT requires the plant to have eggs laid onto it, hatch, and have caterpillars munch on your plant and ingest the BT. If the caterpillar finds a spot, deep in your bud, without BT on it, you'll end up with caterpillar poop, likely bud rot, and it'll be necessary to sacrifice parts of the plant, to save the rest. Mosquito nets keep out butterflies, moths, beetles, etc. so they can't get in to begin with.
Keep mosquito nets away from touching or laying on your plant, if possible. If they're just draped over your plant, moths can still land and lay eggs. Your plants being cramped under the net can also cause airflow problems and that can lead to rot.
Get your anti-fungal and anti-pest products now. Better to have it and not need it, than find powdery mildew or spider mites, and having to wait the days for shipping. Dr. Zymes and Lost Coast Plant Therapy are great and can be used in flower. Spinozad is effective at stopping mites, but it also HIGHLY TOXIC to bees. Nuke'Em is good for mites, too. Do not ever use Neem Oil into flower unless you want your bud tasting and smelling like that. Yuck.
If you're in a greenhouse of any kind and don't have a fan, I highly recommend getting one. I lost half of my over 8ft plant, last year, to bud rot (grey mold/Botrytis) because of the humidity.
Speaking of bud rot, even if you do everything right, it can still happen. Signs to look out for are: random brown sugar leaves, brown buds, brown bits on the stems, and grey mold on stems. If you find some, immediately get a garbage bag and cover the infected stem by putting it into the garbage bag. While covered, use a sanitized pair of scissors and cut at least 4 inches below the rot, tie the bag shut, and dispose of it far away from your plants. (Do NOT put it in any compost pile as the mold will overwinter, feed off dead plant material, and can make a comeback.) After removal of the rot, you'll need to apply an antifungal to your ENTIRE plant and walls/dirt of the greenhouse/pots. By the time you see bud rot, its spores are likely everywhere and needs to be treated. Spray antifungal first thing in the morning so that it can dry. Don't leave plants in cool, damp conditions.
DO NOT try and save the cannabis on the infected stem that you cut off. Even if you manage to remove all visible traces of rot, it's still there. Even if you do a baking soda or hydrogen peroxide bath, it can still survive. Trying to cut around mold is dangerous and stupid. If you inhale that mold, you can get VERY sick and mold can grow in your lungs. Don't risk your life. You can't die from cannabis, but you can die from mold filling your lungs.
Also, it might not be common sense, so I'm going to say it; wash your bud immediately after chopping. Once you do a bud wash, you'll see how gross your plants can get. I use the multi-bath system. A warm one with baking soda, a warm one with hydrogen peroxide, and the final one is a cool bath with just water. There's better instructions on other posts. Knocking off a few Trichomes with a wash is better than smoking bud with insect poop, dirt, etc on it. Even if you're growing indoors, wash it... ever notice how much dust (dead skin cells) shows up on your entertainment center?
Last thing I'll leave you with, is to PLEASE get security. Thieves are getting more and more brazen. (They have even been caught posting pictures on /trees with clearly stolen/chopped plants, asking if they were good to smoke or sell) Your common thief doesn't know about colors of Trichomes or even if the plant is in flower or veg... doesn't matter, they'll steal anything. Too many people post here every year, about their plants being stolen... mostly in October. I think thieves assume "choptober" applies to all plants.
I recommend the following: a camera that's heat/motion activated, locks, motion activated lights, beware of dog sign, and the biggest help is a LOUD alarm with red flashing lights that you place at knee-height in between two of your ladies. The alarm being low means it's less likely to go off for wind or weather. The motion camera should be one that sends text alerts but I found after a bit, I started ignoring my motion texts. It's always worth waking up and checking, even if it's a false alarm. Dogs are wonderful too! I have a huge malamute/german shepherd and send him to "look for bunnies", if my alarms go off. 10/10 recommend.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm not an expert but I'm definitely a crazy-plant-lady and a huge nerd. I just want the best for everyone that posts on here. Cheers!
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