PSA: Universal Firmware v5.52 & Known Issues and Notes

2021.09.25 01:21 InsulinJunkie72 PSA: Universal Firmware v5.52 & Known Issues and Notes

Yes, again it's that time of the week - for the newest installment of the most exciting, unpredictable game on the AtGames platform: "Firmware Update"!
Universal Firmware v5.52 notes coming soon...
Known Legends Universal Firmware Issues and Notes Dated September 24, 2021
What follows are the known Legends Universal Firmware issues and notes dated September 24, 2021, up to and including Legends Universal Firmware v5.52. Each of these known issues is actively being worked on.

  1. Some FarSight Studios pinball game button mapping UI has a discrepancy: The REWIND icon is displayed to start a game; however, the A button must be used. This is currently being worked on.
  2. [Gamer Series] Certain routers may experience issues with maintaining consistent connections.
  3. The pinball game Gladiator has minor performance issues while in portrait mode.
  4. Button remapping does not carry over to certain features like ArcadeNet® FlashDriveX (FDX) titles or the CoinOPSX frontend. This is currently being worked on.
  5. Some users may experience Invalid File Size when downloading firmware. The current workaround is to uninstall gamepacks from the Settings menu, then proceed to redownload firmware.
  6. [TAITO Pinball] Graphical issues with table spotlights during classic display attract mode for all TAITO tables on all Legends Arcade Family devices.
  7. [Legends GamePad] Legends GamePad shows device is paired after a reboot of the machine, but it has no function. This is currently being worked on.
  8. [Legends Pinball] User may experience distortions/buzzing sounds coming from haptic speakers, even at low volume.
  9. [Offline Mode] Users may receive abnormal “unable to release license error” when first loading the firmware or booting on the machine.
  10. [OTG Mode] Certain users may experience low OTG volume when built-in Gottlieb tables are set to low volume. The temporary work around to fix this is to manually set any Gottlieb table to 100 with the physical volume slider and then exit the game. After user re-enters OTG Mode, the OTG volume should be returned to normal.
  11. [Legends Ultimate 1.1] Random loading screen followed by NO SIGNAL display. This occurs most of the time during loading of FDX apps/gamepacks.
  12. [Legends Pinball] OTG input lag may be slightly increased for some users.
  13. [Legends Gamepad] Some users may experience difficulties pairing Legends GamePad with Gamer Pro while the Gamer Pro control deck is also paired. This is being worked on.
  14. [Offline Mode] In rare cases users may lose access to their AppStoreX gamepacks in offline mode. Please contact customer service for immediate support.
  15. [Operation Wolf] The ball may get temporarily stuck behind an enemy when close to the ramp.
  16. [Legends Pinball] [ArcadeNet® Pinball] [Backglass Leaderboard] Backglass leaderboard function does not display on ArcadeNet® Zaccaria tables.
  17. [ArcadeNet] [Zaccaria] Aerobatics Retro, Future World 2018, Shooting Rapids, Star God Retro, and Top Hand are not updating the online leaderboards from the in-Game menu.
  18. [Digital Locker] BYOG Premium doesn’t display “Start” and “Renewal” date.
  19. [Digital Locker] ArcadeNet® and BYOG redeemed codes do not display “Redeemed” and “Renewal” date in History.
  20. [Digital Locker] When user redeems an ArcadeNet® gift code, the credit card info page doesn’t pop up in APX.
  21. [Digital Locker] After the user chooses “Remind Me Later After Redeeming,” the error message is missing.
  22. [ArcadeNet] User may temporarily experience difficulties signing into ArcadeNet® as well as Auto Login upon reboot.
  23. [Legends Pinball] [Settings Regroup] Selected settings are not saved after user reboots machine.
  24. [Digital Locker][ALU 1.1/Legends Connect] For some users, game packs in My Digital Locker may now show up or are not redeemable. This does not impact the use of existing/installed game packs.
Hardware/Software Notes
  1. [CoinOPSX Backglass Support] 30fps videos provide optimal performance.
  2. [PixelcadeX Leaderboard] User needs to reboot the arcade after FlashDriveX games are installed to show Leaderboard scores.
  3. [Legends Ultimate 1.1] Redownloading pinball game packs resolves any button mapping issues a user may experience.
  4. [OTG Mode] Certain users may need to remap the buttons on their external OTG Legends Pinball setup.
  5. [Easy Mode Beta] UI does not reflect D-Pad/Joystick navigation addition. This is intentional in this beta and will be updated as more user input is gained.
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2021.09.25 01:21 Old_Attempt_1709 My most used emojis on my phone are 😊😉❤️😂💕now, I love my girlfriend

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2021.09.25 01:21 biwinny Has a "HVM" ever said something super LV that made you look at them differently?

So my ex was blegh but his dad was amazing. His dad was seriously a second father to me and he really lived a good wholesome life. He peacefully coparents with his ex wife, he's remarried, with 3 boys, has an amazing job, funny, playful, extroverted and amazing with kids. If im being honest a big reason I didn't want to break up with my ex is out of hope he could be the type of man that his dad is. (He wasn't.)
But one time, he said something that was weird. A family member of their just had their 3rd girl and he goes "Yikes. What a bummer for them." Then he looks at me, the only woman in the room, and says "No offense. Girls are cute when they're small, but then they grow up." he said it in such a disapproving way too. It made me sad tbh. Because even the best of men are still kinda sexist at their core.
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2021.09.25 01:21 Oussamabed [IWantOut] 24M dentist Morocco/Russia -> Germany

Hey everyone!
I graduated in July 2020 from a Russian medical school and I came back right after that to my home country Morocco. Since my come back here I couldn’t really “fit in” because of many reasons, and after spending more then a year now, I find that life here is unbearable that I question the choice I made of coming back everyday and it’s consuming me in every aspect.
Now, trying to be proactive and to change how things are going for me, I started looking for opportunities outside of Morocco when I found about Germany. I want to work in my field, which is dentistry, and I found that Germany has the most reasonable path to get a recognition and to work as a dentist.
I also think about moving back to Russia for a year or so, to stay there and learn the german language, but I don’t know if it’s a smart move or not.
So my questions are: - What are the requirements to work as a dentist in Germany? - To which visa should I apply which will allow me to come to Germany and start the long recognition process? - is a certificate of language knowledge to a certain level required in order to get a visa? Or could I get the visa with no german knowledge and study it once I get there? - Which state should I apply to, to get my recognition in Germany? - Can I do this whole process from Russia? Or should I be in my country until I get everything ready?
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2021.09.25 01:21 hunt2destroy I'm deathly afraid of girls my own age, if you were in my shoes how would you go about solving this irrational fear?

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2021.09.25 01:21 Nillawafeerr who wants to play rdo all night with me? PS5

hiya i'm nyla and i'm 19 years old! i'm looking for a chill person around my age to play and chill with on rdo and collect and stuff! my psn is nillawafeerr!!!
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2021.09.25 01:21 ThighStandards13 [WDYWT] Shine still seems to be a male faux pas? Music videos and film lap it up but on the street it still seems to be frowned upon, anyway I love it

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2021.09.25 01:21 without_my_remorse The SEC has responded to a FOIA request regarding a case file on $TSLA by invoking Exemption 7(A), which signals the likely existence of an ongoing federal investigation.

Elon Musk looks set to face fraud and racketeering charges. In the next 12 months we could see this charlatan behind bars.
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2021.09.25 01:21 Aphronansa Sun-kissed but would you kiss my body too?

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2021.09.25 01:21 reutermuerte AOD watch faces on Watch4

Just curious for those of you who have AOD turned on, what watch faces are you using?
On all my previous watches ive6 had AOD on and enjoyed it. I got a GW4C and the AOD burned in the screen. I've since replaced it but I'm curious if anyone is actually using AOD and if so, which face they're using (and subsequently are you experiencing any burn in or image retention)
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2021.09.25 01:21 sampletopia Soundscapes Vol. 2

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2021.09.25 01:21 tvrnbvll [for hire] doing remote iterative tattoo concepts & misc illustration!

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2021.09.25 01:21 whateveritsmexx Form check 2 and a rant

Current :
Here’s the last one :
So I feel defeated today, not as in defeated because I tired myself out but the opposite, I feel like I did absolutely nothing right, even after spending 78 min at the gym (or my garage lol) I’m struggling with my form and I’m struggling on getting on a program (I’ve read through all of the Reddit suggested ones) but either I feel they aren’t right for me or too complicated. I bought the glute guys book and I got on megs stronger by the day program but then I watched a video of a trainer saying beginners should be as simple as possible.
Right now I’m literally only doing Dead lift (doubt my form is any good) 3x8 Barbell squat 4x12 Lunges 4x12 Hip thrust 4x12 But have no idea as to what to do for upper body because my arms are legit spaghetti weak But I’m trying : Barbell rows 3x10 One arm row 3x10 And over head press 3x10
But with terrible consistency and at first I felt like when I worked out I felt sore and like I DID something, now my sessions feel like a breeze despite trying to do more reps. Idk I literally feel defeated at this point. Now for my form check; On my last post people some suggested I stop going as low, and remove the pad and place my elbows closer to my body and I tried, but for some reason I feel like now my form is worse, I couldn’t even properly do my reps because my low back started hurting again- appreciate any input I literally started working out last month after being a couch potato forever so I’m completely overwhelmed and lost as to what to DO
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2021.09.25 01:21 Rob-With-One-B "What's it going to be this time? Rogue? Wraith? Renegade?"

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2021.09.25 01:21 Mundus6 Managed to go 7 in Metagame Challenge

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2021.09.25 01:21 1st_principles First time banana cake with brown butter frosting… delicious, but waaay too much frosting.. yet anytime I reduce the sugar, the icing flops; any less sweet icing recipe to help? Beginner here. TIA.

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2021.09.25 01:21 ju5tlookinround i7-11800H undervolting

Will the undervolt guide for the 10th gen work on the 11th? Has anybody tried this yet? I just got the new model nitro two days ago (i7-11800H, gtx3060, 16gb, 17" qhd) and am wanting to repaste and undervolt as it gets rather toasty and sounds like a jumbo jet taking off.
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2021.09.25 01:21 pawnh4 Just bought vital protein gelatin

I plan to make jello. I used to love that as a kid. Can anyone share info about this brand and good experiences like hair growth and also why do they have an arbitration agreement on the seal??
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2021.09.25 01:21 Minsze Weird border

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