Tie-dye pattern : V Hoodie (Muck Dye)

2021.10.20 00:06 Rih-Rih-Tie-Dye Tie-dye pattern : V Hoodie (Muck Dye)

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2021.10.20 00:06 cobaltseeker NBA Regular Season Starts Tonight! - NBA Streams XYZ for 10/19/2021 - Crackstreams

Here is the link to the NBAStreams live streams: http://watchnbastreams.com/ Please share with everyone! - Owner of NBAStreams XYZ, Crackstreams Tonight's NBA Streams games:

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2021.10.20 00:06 zidane6260 Streaming Service for Local Games?

What services do yinz use to watch games? I just signed up for ESPN+ only to find out that all local games are unavailable. I don't have cable and don't want to sign up for a package since I really only want to watch hockey. Lemme know, thanks!
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2021.10.20 00:06 Tenebrous_Savant I haven't seen anything on it yet, but is there a way to get English subtitles for the new Mobius Lab event video scenes?

I would at least like the English subs if they are available so that I can enjoy the story they worked so hard on.
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2021.10.20 00:06 Previous-Maximum1764 ❓ Mistakenomics ❓ | 🚀 Stealth Launched 🚀 | 💎 Potential 1000X Moonshot 💎 | 🔒 LP Locked 🔒 | 💯 Renounced Ownership 💯

Welcome to Mistakenomics, stealth launched!🚀🚀

$Mistakenomics is a reflection token founded by a dedicated team. A diverse group of highly skilled individuals dedicated to take $Mistakenomics to a million marketcap with the help of the community.
$Mistakenomicsis the coin that does it different. Treating this coin like a business, everything is planned days and weeks in advance. We can promise marketing stunts you have never seen before.
$Mistakenomics starts low to pick up all the losses you encountered from rugs, honey pots, and buying at a peak. Relive the hype by starting at a low market cap with us. Build a foundation where everyone will HOLD for the long term gains. This is a good chance to be early for once, and have a fair and square advantage over botters and snipers who ruin so many good projects.

✔️ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
🔥 Total burned: 40% of supply

🔐Liquidity Locked
✅ Low MCAP
💯 100% Safe, Contract Will Be Renounced
✅ Contract Verified


📈 Chart:

📱 Telegram: https://t.me/mistakenomics
🌐 Website: TBA
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2021.10.20 00:06 JZEve Looks like Jenni, Snooki, Deena & Angelina got together together based on their IGs!! I love to see it

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2021.10.20 00:06 EmbarrassedMushroom9 First Diamond prime from an ultimate pack, then other card from ad pack. There goes my luck!

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2021.10.20 00:06 nixiawrites [This Quest is Bullshit] - Chapter 142: Something to Kill

New? Start here!
Eve unstrapped her club from her back, stepping in front of her squishy companions in case anything should come screaming down the hallway for them. She doubted any sentry constructs of the kind she’d seen so far could fit through the passage, but if Eve had learned anything in her time as an adventurer, it was to be ready for all sorts of wacky bullshit, which seemed a good way to describe three giant constructs somehow fitting through a human-sized hallway.
That didn’t happen, of course, but, by Ayla, Eve was ready for it.
Preston cast a look to Wes. “You good?”
Wes twisted his head around to gaze back down the way they’d come. “I think so. I’ll let you know if we get out of range.”
“Should we grab him?” Eve asked.
Wes shook his head. “Let’s see what’s actually out there first. Could be still in Art’s range, or could be something you can handle on your own.”
“Alright,” Eve said, taking her next steps down the hallway. “Let’s see what defensive measures one-eight-seven-three, four, and five do.”
As the party crept carefully forward, Preston muttered, “Do you think those numbers imply the existence of defensive measures one through eighteen-hundred-seventy-one?”
“Eighteen hundred seems like a lot of defensive measures,” Eve snorted. “But this is the capital. I wouldn’t put it past them.”
“Or they could’ve started counting at a thousand,” Wes said. “Or the numbers are a code for something. Maybe we’re in the eighteenth section of the palace. Or the eighteenth floor. Or the hundred-and-eighty-seventh room.”
Eve made a farting noise with her tongue. “That’s no fun. I want eighteen hundred defensive measures. At least some of them have gotta be worth exp.”
“And all of them would want to kill you,” Preston added.
“Not true,” Eve argued. “You could consider a locked door a defensive measure, and that one back there didn’t try to kill me.”
“Maybe it did try, but was just really bad at it,” Wes said. “With how hard you kicked it, it’s possible a shard of wood could’ve flown back and gone through your throat. It just… didn’t.”
“That seems like a bit of a stretch,” Preston said.
“Besides,” Eve added, “a shard of wood through the neck wouldn’t kill me.” To make her point, she dissociated her neck and waved her hand back and forth through the resulting cloud of Mana. “I’d just lose a bunch of Mana.”
“Also, a locked door totally isn’t a defensive measure,” Wes said. “Especially a flimsy wooden door like that. I could’ve kicked it down. That was a privacy measure.”
Eve shook her head. “It doesn’t have to be effective against tier 4s to be a defensive measure. Sometimes all it takes is slowing down an intruder long enough for the guards to notice. The sound of kicking down the door works almost like an alarm, and while it doesn’t stop us, a locked door would probably be enough to keep some random citizen off the street from wandering in where he doesn’t belong.”
“But a random citizen wandering in isn’t a threat,” Wes argued. “If a door is locked to stop them, it’s not a defensive measure, it’s a convenience measure. Or, you know, a privacy measure.”
“Guys, guys,” Preston interrupted. “I think we’re getting distracted from the matter at hand.”
Eve and Wes paused.
“The door wasn’t enchanted,” the healer explained. “It couldn’t have been one of the defensive measures the enchantments tracked, otherwise Eve would’ve gotten a notification when she kicked it in.”
“But what about the front gate?” Eve asked. “I got notifications for that.”
“You said the notifications called it ‘gate,’ not ‘defensive measure whatever,’” Preston countered.
“My money’s still on some kind of encoding system,” Wes said. “The numbers have gotta designate which defensive measures they’re referencing.”
Up ahead, the sound of metal against stone screeched through the hallway.
“Oh, right,” Eve said. “The sentries.”
The hall opened up into a spacious sitting room, equipped with the iron frames of what had once been upholstered chairs and a rather well-preserved single-family dining table. From the three doors lining the round wall, Eve reckoned they’d found the royal suites.
As if to confirm her theory, all three doors burst open at once to admit defensive measures 1873, 1874, and 1875. Eve Appraised them.
Level ?? Prismed Burendian Bodyguard Construct
“That’s a mouthful,” Eve muttered.
Behind her, Wes scowled. “Art’s out of range,” he said. “Can you handle them without me?”
Eve closed the less-than-useful Appraise messages to actually look at the threats before her. True to their purpose as bodyguards, they stood no taller than an above-average human—which was to say, about as tall as Wes.
They walked on four spider-like legs, each constructed of three foot-long segments of metal and operated by what seemed to be a string of pure Mana running along them. A narrow body sprouted from the wide base, built of layers of independently rotating octagonal pieces. Many of said segments supported long and thin arms, which gave the things a fuzzy appearance when hanging limply, or threatened to pierce throats and hearts when brandished.
Eve could handle a few dozen pointy ends. What worried her were the cloudy white crystals that sat atop the octagonal bodies. She had no idea what they did, but reason told her she was staring at the prisms Appraise had warned her about.
“I didn’t know the Burendians made constructs out of metal,” she murmured. “The others were all stone.”
“Makes sense when they can’t rely on throwing a few tons of weight around,” Preston said. “Can you take ‘em?”
“I think so,” she answered, bringing her club about into swinging position. “Be ready to run if those crystals do anything too scary, though.”
Wes nodded.
Preston, in lieu of a verbal response, cupped his hands around his mouth, tilted his head up, and let out a roar more befitting a great cat than a lithe and stylishly dressed healer.
You have heard the Packmaster’s Call! +15% Strength! +15% Dexterity! +15% Intelligence!
“Alright.” Eve cracked a sideways grin. “Let’s do this.”
She Charged left, dumping a thousand Mana into Mana Rush and pulling in energy from the enchantments along the floor to replace it just as fast as it drained away.
[Alert!] Mana leak detected!
The constructs responded immediately.
The one directly in front of Eve raised all its arms directly at her, thirty long spikes ready to catch her Charge on their stiletto points. The constructs to her right and behind her stood stalk still. If Eve had stopped to look, she’d have noticed their crystals each taking on a colored glow.
She intuited the projectiles coming, but couldn’t have guessed they’d fly at two different speeds.
Moments before colliding with the waiting spikes, Eve Jetted to the side, narrowly dodging both the melee strike of her target and a bolt of electricity arcing from one of the constructs behind her.
She failed to dodge the ice bolt.
Frigid agony blossomed in the small of her back as the spell struck true, piercing her armor and the clothes beneath. White Mana spilled from the wound, causing her pool to slowly drain as the pain rolled up her spine in waves.
Eve kept moving. She didn’t have four thousand Willpower to get distracted by a bit of pain.
The first swing of her club struck a wall of metal arms, knocking them clean off the construct’s body as it passed but failing to connect with the prism at its top. Eve allowed the momentum of her Jet to carry her past the thing, spending a moment’s focus to reconstitute the chunk of her torso the ice had torn apart.
As she shuffled to a halt, Eve cast her eyes around the room to spot the two distant constructs charging up their next attacks. The prisms atop them shined with different hues, both panoplies of color, yet icy blue was curiously absent from one and electric yellow from the other.
“Oh, I get it!” Wes called from his vantage back in the hallway. “They’re prisms because they break apart pure Mana into component elements.”
“I picked up on that!” Eve shouted as she leapt away from a shard of stone and a black beam she didn’t even want to guess the element behind. Whatever it was, it smelled like old fish. She darted for the nearest construct, hesitant as she was to turn her back to the others. “Can you guys do something about it?”
Eve didn’t wait for a response before Jetting up and over her target, keeping her body horizontal to fit between its crystal and the ceiling. The pointed arms failed to reach her from below, and her club struck the thing square on.
One advantage of fighting constructs built around a single crystal, was how easy it was to figure out exactly what needed to be destroyed in order to win. The downside was how crystals tended to shatter when met with overwhelming force.
In this case, the overwhelming force was named Eve.
She spat out a curse through gritted teeth as a dozen crystal shards shot into her exposed hands. Her armor stopped any other stray bits of shrapnel, but the havoc wreaked upon her hands made for distraction aplenty. The pain stopped when she dissociated the damaged extremities into clouds of Mana, but in the process her club fell straight through to the floor.
You have defeated Level 109 Prismed Burendian Bodyguard Construct: +12.7m exp!
[Error!] Defensive Measure 1874 Offline.
The dual kill notifications were little comfort in the face of two constructs firing pot shots at her while she frantically worked to reform her hands and snatch up her club from where it’d fallen. The low growl echoing through the air and the notification accompanying it, however, were another matter.
Packmaster’s Call makes you immune to Assert Dominance!
Eve cracked a grin as the two remaining constructs halted mid-cast. She called to Preston, “Say, did you ever get around to trying that out on Wes?”
“Fuck off!” came the reply.
Eve cackled at her own joke as she Charged for the nearest bodyguard, slamming her club right through it before it could free itself from Preston’s challenge. This time she managed not to tear her hands to shreds in the process. Eve counted that as a win.
The smile slipped from her face as she turned to the final construct to find it free from Preston’s crowd control, but it wasn’t the dozens of lethal spines threatening to impale her, nor the imminent next projectile she’d have to dodge, that so disturbed her.
It was the color of the Mana it had selected for its next attack.
The prism glowed red.
Eve Jetted for the hallway.
Preston turned to flee.
Wes stepped forward.
The construct threw its fire bolt.
Eve collided with Preston, two of his ribs snapping with a horrific crack as she grabbed him at high speed. Behind them, the spell washed harmlessly against the stone wall.
But it was too late.
The entire sitting room behind them exploded into a maelstrom of inferno, the wooden table, the iron chair frames, the stone walls and floor, all of it burned.
As she Charged out with every bit of speed she could manage, Eve screamed for help both audibly and mentally.
I’m coming!
Eve made it most of the way back to hallway’s entrance before she met up with Art. She didn’t waste time. If the blaze grew bigger than Art’s telepathy could reach, there’d be no… Eve shook her head. She didn’t have time for such thoughts.
Eve unceremoniously dropped Preston on the ground and scooped Art up. Without even stopping to breathe, she Jetted back down the hall.
Time seemed to slow as adrenaline coursed through her. Her breathing sped. Her heart pounded faster than her feet against the glowing stone floor. Heat and pressure washed over her face as she raced the edge of the blaze just as the blaze raced to consume her.
Found him!
Eve skidded to a halt at Art’s message, watching in tense anticipation as the inferno drew nearer. “Can you get through?”
Yeah, I just need… Art sent. Gimme a sec.
The wall of flame pushed further down the hall toward them. “We don’t have a sec.”
Aaaaaand, got him!
The flame winked out.
Eve let out a breath, hugging Art close for a moment before putting him down. “Thanks, that was close.”
What happened? Art asked. He should’ve known not to cast while I’m out of range.
“Surprise fire,” Eve explained. “The constructs we were fighting…” she trailed off as her eyes stared down the hall to see Wes standing alone where the fire had once raged, surrounded by blackened stone and melted slag. To Art alone, she muttered, “What’re we gonna do once we get you back to your da?”
He’ll be able to help! Art chimed. He can do anything!
“I’m sure he can, kid,” Eve murmured, absentmindedly patting him on the back of his feathered head as she gazed without focus at Wes and the burnt room. “I’m sure he can.”
Read 10 chapters ahead on Patreon!
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2021.10.20 00:06 somethingsomewhere27 does it frustrate anyone else that it seems like they underpay us specifically so we're forced to pick up extra shifts to make a liveable wage?

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2021.10.20 00:06 DarthTrinath The Duel Fan Kits

Fan Kits based on the first episode of Visions.
Sith Bandit Dark Side - Leader - Attacker - Sith - Scoundrel
Piercing Strike (Basic) - Deal Special damage to the target enemy and inflict Defense Down for 2 turns. Sith Bandit gains 10% turn meter for each enemy with Defense Down.
Arrogant Slashes (Special) - 3 Turn Cooldown Deal Special damage to all enemies and inflict Defense Down. Inflict all enemies who already had Defense Down with Defense Down for 2 turns which can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented, and Vulnerable. Sith Bandit Gains 10% turn meter for each debuff inflicted this turn.
Frightening Cackle (Special) - 4 Turn Cooldown Deal Special damage to all enemies. If this attack critically hits an enemy, inflict Fear on that enemy for 1 turn. All Scoundrel allies gain 3 Heal Over Time effects for 2 turns.
Raiding Party (Leader) - All Scoundrel allies gain 30% Max Health. If all allies were Scoundrels at the start of the battle, the effect of Defense Down on all enemies is doubled. Whenever a Scoundrel ally damages an enemy with Defense Down, they gain Defense Up and 1 Heal Over Time effect for 1 Turn, limit one per turn.
Sith Bandit (Unique) - While there is an active Scoundrel ally, Sith Bandit cannot be targeted. At the start of the battle, Sith Bandit gains Multi-Faceted Saber, which can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented. When Sith Bandit has no other active Scoundrel allies, or when she drops below 100% health for the first time, Sith Bandit loses Multi-Faceted Saber.
Multi-Faceted Saber - All allied attacks that damage more than one enemy deal 50% more damage.
Ronin Light Side - Attacker - Unaligned Force User
Precise Strike (Basic) - Deal Special damage to the target enemy and dispel 1 random debuff from Ronin. Dispel that debuff from all allies. Ronin gains Speed Up.
Force Hold (Special) - 3 Turn Cooldown Ronin dispels Speed Up from himself, and gains Damage Immunity, Tenacity Up, and Speed Down. This Damage Immunity cannot be dispelled by Sith enemies.
Micro-Missiles (Special) - 8 Turn Cooldown Deal True damage (ignores defense but cannot crit) to all enemies except the enemy leader. This attack deals 50% more damage to Scoundrel enemies. Then deal True damage to the enemy leader equal to 50% of the damage dealt to other enemies this turn. If the enemy leader is Sith, this is increased to 75%.
Sith Hunter (Unique) - Ronin deals 50% more damage to Sith enemies.
At the start of the encounter and whenever a Sith enemy dies, Ronin takes a bonus turn. If Ronin damages a Sith enemy during this turn, apply Duel, which can’t be copied, dispelled, or resisted. Only 1 enemy can have Duel at a time. If Ronin would apply duel again, dipel Duel from all other enemies.
Duel - This unit takes 90% less damage from all sources except abilities used by Ronin. Ronin takes 90% less damage from all enemies except enemy units with duel. Whenever Ronin damages this unit, inflict Healing Immunity, which can’t be resisted. If they already had Healing Immunity, inflict Buff Immunity and Ability Block.
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2021.10.20 00:06 magem8 I have an invested bennet, should i run him as a burst support over just flat support?

currently has ER sands, hp goblet, hp hat and 4 set noblesse/alley flash. crowned his ult and his E's only lv5 but i could get it up. unsure if his dmg is sicko mode and if its worth? i could give him a pyro cup+ crit rate hat for decent ratios. my bennet is c5 ran with yoimiya+fish+venti
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