My girlfriend (20f) and I (24m) were involved in a big altercation that sent me to the ER, but I still love her..

2021.10.19 23:38 Throwajay1997 My girlfriend (20f) and I (24m) were involved in a big altercation that sent me to the ER, but I still love her..

So my girlfriend of 3.5 years and myself have lived together with her cousin (18f) and her cousins boyfriend (18m) since March of this year. All 4 of us were on the lease and it doesn’t expire until the end of this month. We got along pretty well, played games, watched movies, etc. anyway, moving forward to October 6th, an argument (kind of loud) led to me leaving for the night and going and staying at my parents’ house. To be honest I think at this point we would argue more than we would communicate positively, and I was working so much and a different schedule than her so we didn’t have much time to fix things, and I was growing frustrated with her cousin and her boyfriend because they were so messy. Always making messes like on the stove and leaving the crumbs and empty food boxes everywhere i.e, so I just needed to leave to find some peace. All three of them are super close, but I felt like I didn’t blend well with them. Never did. Anyway, so all that night, and the next morning, she was blowing up my phone wanting me to come home and fix things, give her love, etc, I was super conflicted for some reason, like I felt like if I went over there she would do this thing where she traps me in the room until I make up with her, so I left her on read. As the 7th of October hit around 7pm, I decided I’d go back to the apartment and finally give us the opportunity to hash things out. You know, I’ll tell her why I left, be real, and hopefully she would share her frustrations and we can work together for a solution, something we’ve been needing for a while. As I approached (I walked) the apartment complex, I saw her cousin getting dropped off from work, her cousin was there during the argument that led to me leaving the night before, so I felt a little uncomfortable, so I walked to my car that was still parked there and sat in it. I decided maybe I just come back in an hour, so I turn my car on to leave, and her cousin walks behind my car, and like grabs on to the spoiler and is like “you’re not going anywhere” and starts contacting my girlfriend to come out. That definitely made me uncomfortable so I waited for her to step away enough to where I wouldn’t hit her and took off with my car and decided not to go back at this time. As we got closer to the end of the day, that’s when I realized I NEEDED to go back because my work keys and clothes were over there and I had work at 6am the next morning, and I needed to unlock the store. This is where things get wild.
So I ask my brother if he can take me because we were sitting outside and he already had his keys in hand and he said sure, so we hop in his car and head over. I go to unlock the door and it’s locked to the deadbolt. So I couldn’t get it. I knocked and asked if they can let me in and my girlfriend said something along the lines of “go fuck your self” and I said “can I at least have my keys I have to go to work in the morning” and she was just shouting more so I got a little upset and started banging on the door and they wouldn’t budge. Now here is where I make my mistake, I thought, “my keys are in the room, on the little shelf by the window, if I just get in through the window, grab the keys, I can get right back out and be ready for work” so I go and just shatter our room window, and jump up on the ledge, as soon as I do, her cousin and her cousins boyfriend run into the room, and I said, man you’re really coming in here? And he said, “you broke the window” and as I’m landing on the bed from the ledge he swings at me twice and i lunge for his legs because I really just want my keys I’m not trying to get physical with anyone. As I lunge down he uses his knees to catch me and he holds me down, well I think for whatever reason the cousin of my girlfriend thought that was well enough of a reason to pull out a knife from the kitchen and she comes to the room shouting “I’m gonna fucking stab you” and stabs me two times, one on my right shoulder, the other on my back, literally putting a hole in my left lung. Mind you, I was held down at the time and prior to this moment, I was trying to figure out a game plan to get the keys, but felt guilty for the window because like, I don’t want her to have to sleep in a room with a broken window, so I was thinking on how fast it would take to tape up and clean or something. Then BOOM. My brother was shouting from the window as he witnessed everything, and ran around to the front door and told a neighbor who then both began banging on the door to let them in. Nobody budged, and eventually the busted the door in, and my brother ran into the room, pushed the boyfriend off of me, and threw a water bottle at the cousin and pulled me out. I was covered in blood, more blood then I’ve ever seen at once. And I ran outside as they were yelling at us and just yelled back at them. Back and forth. Then my girlfriend and her cousin called the cops on me saying I was “trespassing” and started talking a bunch of shit. I started to feel extremely off, so I was honestly a little glad they decided to call them. As they arrived, two officers both took notes from both sides, where I began losing consciousness while stating my side. I did hear an officer say however that I was definitely not trespassing and that as a rent payer and lease signee I had every right to be in the apartment, and that there isn’t a law against breaking windows. That’s when her incrimination began, she stabbed me, more than once. When I had no intention to cause harm to ANYBODY. I really loved my girlfriend, and I would never do anything to her cousin, and her boyfriend and I got along pretty well. However, after the cops mentioned what she did, the story switched, “he cut me, look at my finger!” And she had a little cut that was most likely either from the broken window glass or from stabbing me with the knife, not too sure how it happened. My girlfriend joined in “yeah, he cut her look!” And then she called her mom and step dad and they show up and they’re all mugging me like I’m the enemy here when I can barely stay focused in the situation because I’m out of it. This is where I get taken away on the ER, and her cousin gets arrested for a felony assault.
I find out I had liters of blood in my lung, and if it wasn’t for the chest tube that began pouring that out I would of died, at the same time, I had a hole in my lung, which collapsed. So after some procedure I get placed in ICU. Her cousin bonded out in two days. And I sent a text to my girlfriend saying that I declined to press charges, and that I want to help them, I don’t want her cousin to face charges, I don’t want her to get convicted because I don’t want to see her life messed up etc. completely ignored me. I send her more messages and she starts screenshotting. I assume she wants to make sure her cousin is okay before she speaks to me, they’re a super small family so really close. So I believed that maybe I had to be the enemy until she was innocent, and I respected that. Then I find out they’re still playing the victim card and that they were “fearing for their lives” through a source. She doesn’t block me on Snapchat and she watches all my stories. I’m still currently in the hospital as of Oct. 19, and I just had surgery yesterday, and I also have two chest tubes in me at the moment. She’s not reaching out, she’s just watching what I post. But for some reason I just have hope that if everything goes in her cousins favor legally that we have hope to continue, at the same time, I feel like I should of pressed charges and that they really don’t give a shit about me at this point. I’m sure their entire family, grandparents and all, have heard that I went there to viciously attack them or something of that nature. And I’m just wondering.. is this a dead relationship? It just doesn’t make sense, we had issues, but not like this. I get stabbed, something I would never expect from ANY of them, I looked highly to all of them, and then dropped by all of them on the same night, when just the week prior we were all hanging out having a good time. It just feels like a double whammy loss to me and I don’t know how to take it.
TL;DR: my girlfriend and I were having issues so I was locked out of our apartment, I broke in because I needed my work keys, didn’t want violence but got stabbed by her female cousin and almost died from a collapsed lung. They’re playing a victim card to their whole family to make me look bad, I just want everything to be normal again
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2021.10.19 23:38 Meles_B [EVENT] S*pay*ce

Following the Pairlament effectively putting a halt on the orbital ring, RSE still considers to move forward, now with an increasingly bold ideas. Making a push to introduce multiple, varied designs for alternative and conventional space flight, RSE is planning to secure the future in space even if some projects will get rejected due to cost-ineffectiveness.
Main considerations are:

Yenisei refurbishment The first contestant is made on a simple principle - don't break what works well. Essentially, the concept is simple principle:
Yenisei, at this moment, costs 12,5 million +1,5 million profit margin to launch. Out of that, 1,5 million is the cost of fuel, which might get lower due to Russia starting to switch from the natural gas. 11 million is amortisation and refubishment of the vessel, aimed at 100 launches.
By testing more reliable engines, automated miniaturized sensor system, increasing degree of automation in refurbishment and preparation of the vessel, we hope to increase lifetime of the vessel to 300 launches with recycling allowing to decrease long-term costs, driving down the marginal costs to 6 million dollars total, reducing the launch costs to around 40-50$/kg - rather easy but highly simple solution, requiring minimum investment.
The space pier Several megaprojects were considered for a design - including mass driver and a launch loop - but they aren't considered cost-beneficient enough.
The only megastructure that passes, however, is creation of a tower that will reach space without going too far. Creation of a space tug or orbital stations with assembling capacity allows us to not bother with space elevators, and we only need 100-200 km high tether to do what we need. Orbital ring has significant capabilities, but is too expensive and might be too early, but there is another way to make tether geostationary with such attitude.
As a result, we consider creation of a 12 billion, 120 km tall structure, made out of thousands of inflatible modules made out of graphene-CNT fiber, filled with air at lower yards and with hydrogen - above 15 km, allowing economic use of air.
The structure is supported by an active gyroscopic control system in each module, preventing the tower from collapsing, but due to free structure and little tension compared to a space elevator, the dangers are minimal, and the tower is quite large and sturdy as well, expanding to the ground.
The structure is tethered with space elevator-tier tether, made out of CNT fiber with a superconducting core, allowing to quickly, in less than an hour, to get the cargo up to 50 t to and from the tower with 2 climbers on the sides. On the top, a station. is located, acting as a hub and a pier, tethered to the ground and the tower, standing geostationary, but able to detether itself in case of an emergency. The station has two ways to deliver payload, considered in the future:
Estimated costs of a LEO delivery are minimal - without costs associated with the capital costs, considering superconductors and fusion energy costs, marginal costs are associated with electricity and maintenance of the structure, and range between 0,5-1$/kg, not counting orbital hopping, which realistically puts the number quite higher, but still well below any other rocket. Annual throughput of the station is estimated at 300 000 t per year, but scalability and modularity of the structure allow to maintain several of them, scaling throughput up. This is a great support for space tourism - you can just hitch a ride, look at Earth from the station, and return without spending a lot.
A station would require 4 years to assemble, and several locations are planned - mainly chosen for minimum interference, including Mongolia, Irkutsk Oblast and Guiana. The station doesn't carry major risks as an elevator would, even if a hostile power will collapse it. However,the station will have a S-500 batallion around for protection, and security will be rather tight for space tourists.
Several other propositions are also considered, but the two ones above are among those that might be the most interesting for considerations by the time grants are approved. One of that is a joint investment into JP Aerospace with 3AR, trying to integrate the idea of orbital spaceships.
RSE spends 500m$ for tests and experiments related.
[M] - two rolls.
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2021.10.19 23:38 seaboigium Tell me 10 random facts about your alt-history projects

I really hope this is allowed here.
I thought it would be a cool idea to let members of this subreddit share their work by giving 10 random facts about people, places, and events in their alt-history projects.
If you have less or more than 10 facts to share, that's ok.
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2021.10.19 23:38 seafourtea It's just a very religious village. bedrock 413395378

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2021.10.19 23:38 ConstablePolly Kail wants to be a “loadmaster” in the military

That’s what she said in this weeks baby mamas no drama.
I can’t make this shit up.
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2021.10.19 23:38 trailer8k "X-Men: Legacy" #248 (2011) art by Mico Suayan

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2021.10.19 23:38 Far-Pay-58 ELK FINANCE ::: 🔊AMA with @YetiSwap from #AVALANCHE !🔊 📅 Thursday, October 21 ⏰ 18:00 UTC 🔗 YetiSwap is one of the first DEX’s on #AVAX & the only NFT marketplace with royalties. Have questions for them? Submit below👇 $150 worth of $YTS for 3 best questions!

ELK FINANCE ::: 🔊AMA with @YetiSwap from #AVALANCHE !🔊 📅 Thursday, October 21 ⏰ 18:00 UTC 🔗 YetiSwap is one of the first DEX’s on #AVAX & the only NFT marketplace with royalties. Have questions for them? Submit below👇 $150 worth of $YTS for 3 best questions! submitted by Far-Pay-58 to SatoshiBets [link] [comments]

2021.10.19 23:38 Suave_Jelepeno Boston Acoustics VR-10 repair

I have a spare Boston acoustics VR-10 I acquired the last year. I've noticed that the sound is a bid muddier than the primary one I use and I think it may be a failing capacitor. As a technician, I don't fully see the point of testing it with a multimeter without the capacitor test function. I figured I would just replace them all since a capacitor can't be crazy expensive. Does anyone know where I could find a schematic for this speaker. BA being so old, I have no idea who to ask.
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2021.10.19 23:38 V01t4r3 Always remember…

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2021.10.19 23:38 JARED-FOX_FUCKJD4EVA This is how jd speaks jfnhbdbcjshsbsx sdjcnjsdcnsdk uhhhhhh sdcnsdjkcnsdkjncds uhhhhhhhhhhhh whatever

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2021.10.19 23:38 Local-Promotion-7997 Hi i am a college doing a digtal art project based around disney, can you help me by filling in this questionnaire

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2021.10.19 23:38 FerociousPinecone Do not hold ET in an IRA

Holding ET in an IRA negates the tax-advantaged shielding from the account, however holding in a Trad IRA gives you less profit than if you held in your taxable brokerage acct.
I knew that unrelated business taxable income (UBTI) was taxable even when held within an IRA if exceeding $1k, however ET's K-1's have kept this number low so I figured I was in the clear or the taxes would be negligible and the distributions offsetting my cost basis would have no impact based on the account being tax-advantaged.
Turns out that capital gains can either count towards UBTI upon sale or at least become factored into the equation. This means that the govt takes a big wet bite out of your ass upon sale will your bill in your 990-T. My understanding is that this will get taken out of your IRA balance by your brokerage on the due date, so the silver lining is you don't have to pay out of your savings.
This sucks twice as hard because that money will be taxed a second time when you hit retirement age and withdraw from your Trad IRA. Even if you did it in a Roth, you'll still need to pay the first ~30% tax from the sale.
Save yourself the hassle and only ever invest in this in a traditional brokerage account.
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2021.10.19 23:38 posties413 SSR/nodejs in multiple regions

I have read up on serverless next with lambda, but how would you be able to redirect traffic to the nearest instance, say running on a vps, to achieve the 'same' sort of thing?
I want to have users connect to the nearest nuxt instance in this case.
I guess this would apply to any server rendered content/api.
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2021.10.19 23:38 Johnx235eastwe hey guys, what is all the commands for the test server?

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2021.10.19 23:38 Lone_Wolf_624 What would cause someone to assume that people they've met and may have even known very well, from their past won't remember them at all?

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2021.10.19 23:38 ficklemind101 5 Best Mechanical Keyboard Reddit Recommendation Cheap & Best

Hello guys, today I share in this Reddit post the best mechanical keyboard with good performance and comfort for long hours of use.
A very important element in a good mechanical keyboard is its switch. This switch is responsible for the response time and feeling the user will have when clicking a key. [ Mechanical keyboard switches are the mechanisms under the keycaps on a mechanical keyboard that enable you to type faster and more precisely. ]

  • Logitech G613 (Wireless)
  • Corsair K70 MK.2
  • Razer Huntsman Elite (Optical switches )
  • Logitech G513 Carbon
  • Razer Blackwindow Elite
Should I choose Wired Mechanical Keyboard? For fast and reliable communication , the USB cable usually doesn't disappoint. And for people looking for good performance, the connected wire won't get in the way.
Another benefit of the USB cable is that there is no need for charging, as it is always plugged into the power source. Just plug and play.
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2021.10.19 23:38 darkhunter225 Felt cute might join duty later

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2021.10.19 23:38 DivideDG3 From a 2019 Applicant to You

Hi all! A bit of background on me, I am a current college sophomore who applied to Questbridge in 2019.
To those of you who got matched, congratulations! I wish you well in the match/regular decision!
And to those who did not get selected as finalists, try not to be too hard on yourself. Just because Questbridge did not accept you as a finalist doesn't mean that you can't be accepted into those top schools! I know some people that got denied as finalists, denied during the match, and denied during regular decision that still were able to go to one of Questbridge's partners!
You put in the effort to apply for this scholarship. You put in the hard work. Keep that effort. I promise you it will get you far in both your applications and in college itself. Not being labeled as a finalist does not mean you aren't academically capable or anything of the sort. So please, don't be discouraged. If you wanted to apply to Harvard, do it! If you wanted to be matched with Boston U, apply to them! You still have a chance to get into these schools! I believe in you.
I know that it may seem like losing the opportunity at free college through Questbridge could halt your dreams of college. For me, I felt the same way. Despite being a finalist I did not match nor got accepted through QB regular decision. Fast forward to today and I am getting a generous amount of financial aid! Need-Based colleges (which a lot of QBs scholars are) are great in terms of helping low income students afford college. Plus, there are other scholarships out there! I recommend using the Discover Student Scholarship Search or Scholarship America to search for some, and those will greatly help you pay for college as well.
TLDR, finalist or not you still have a chance at an amazing education at an affordable price. Just keep putting in the work. Be proud of yourself, whether you were a finalist or not, because the application process itself is grueling. And don't lose hope, there's a lot more opportunities out there for you, you just need to keep looking! <3
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2021.10.19 23:38 betacassiopeia Hair is thinning, please help.

I’ve always had thick hair growing up but these past couple years it’s been getting thinner. Is there any shampoo that y’all use that could help me? Doesn’t have to be just shampoo though. I have long brown hair and it’s naturally a little wavy if that helps anyone.
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2021.10.19 23:38 bcidev Quit your job. Do this instead.

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2021.10.19 23:38 AnOrphanConsumer bofen

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2021.10.19 23:38 UysofSpades Please Help With Git Repo Design

Our team is engaging in a new project where we will be utilizing the following platforms: Azure, MuleSoft, and Salesforce.
I am trying to figure out a repository design that would allow our agile scrum team to take a user story (that *could* involve work across the different platforms).
I am wanting to know if I should design the approach of having a single repo with all "production-ready" artifacts from the platforms OR having them segregated by platform.. If I take the latter approach, I am unsure how to appropriately keep them in sync. Upper management would like to version all platforms the same, rather than version each platform independently.
Any thoughts?
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2021.10.19 23:38 CatMom03 Officially Registered for EMT Certification... Any Advice?

I just met with a college advisor today and all the requirements for the EMT certification program has been completed (it was a lot). Holy immunizations first of all. I'm really nervous. Is it wise to have a reliable laptop to take notes or is papepen still the way to go? Any advice? I'll be going during the evenings twice a week and have one Saturday class a month. I'll start in December and end in February.
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2021.10.19 23:38 kennygrow2222 Azure SSO app does it require app proxy to work?

Hello All
Lets say you have an on premise HTTPS app that supports SAML
You provision the app in azure enteprise apps with the URL of the internal SAML web app.
Does it need to go through the azure app proxy for it to work ?
Or will it work by the following

  1. User who has access to the app logs in from their internal network, using their azure ad credentials into the
And they click on the provisioned app.
  1. This takes them to the internal web app, and they should be automatically logged in using their azure ad credentials?
Correct me if i am wrong ?
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