Pro Bono Help

2021.11.29 02:36 leodicaprioreo Pro Bono Help

Y’all….I’m really going thru it. I live in place where pro bono opportunities are scarce and I’m having difficulty getting into the government office places cause they need us to come in with our own supervising senior lawyers and I sadly haven’t been in the profession like that to know anyone who could fill that role. Can someone please help me how am I supposed to get this 50hours experience…should I try firms?? do any of y’all know of any international pro bono opportunities??? if so please do share some advise. I’m feeling really lost and demotivated rn
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2021.11.29 02:36 TwizzWay [Selling] INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT WITH 11k for $120 DM FOR MORE INFO

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2021.11.29 02:36 shehehhehehaa As a American I can book a cruise that leaves south Hampton UK and heading to NY city correct? Main thing I am asking can a American board a cruise in a foreign country? Asking because someone else was denied recently because they were not a citizen

but the citizen thing seemed to be for that particular cruise not all cruises.
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2021.11.29 02:36 durkheim69 Replacing needzone icon with the one that I want displayed?

I've always assumed that the most recently discovered needzone's icon replaces all the existing ones if they were overlapping? But while I was setting up for the red deer grind in Cuatro I discovered a lot of red deer zones that overlaps with existing roe deer and mouflon needzones, but none of them got replaced. Is there a way to purposefully replace icons with the ones you want, or does the game just do whatever it feels like?
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2021.11.29 02:36 The_watcher_100 What is Kermit the frogs true Intentions?

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2021.11.29 02:36 Selection_Suitable Can any help me figure out about how much they are and tell me a little bit about them

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2021.11.29 02:36 No_Set8211 Lost team member discount card

My HR had handed me my TM discount card at the beginning of my shift the other day I just put it in my pocket and went about my duties for the day. And when I came back home that night, it wasn’t in my pocket, or wallet, or anywhere else on me. Must’ve fallen out while I was there.
I asked guest services today if they’ve seen it, that was a bust too.
I’m aware that I could put my TM number on the target app to use the discount there.
But I was wondering, are the purchases recorded for any suspicious activity on the card in case it got in the hands of someone with malicious intent? Should I inform my HR?
Or is it not that of a big deal and I could just use the target app wallet from now on with no worries?
thanks for the help.
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2021.11.29 02:36 BHawkey95 It was costly, but I’d love to have this bike and hang in this garage!

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2021.11.29 02:36 BruhSandwich RTX 3060 TI Problems

I just recently purchased a new gaming PC from Best Buy and everything ran fine for the first day. Now, no games besides emulators and Unreal Engine games want to run on this machine. I tried everything from updating all drivers to doing a full factory reset and reinstalling games and I even took everything apart just to make sure a cable wasn't loose in the motherboard anywhere. I really need help with this please. I just want to play my games again!!
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2021.11.29 02:36 Psycho_Button God mode glitch?

I'll try to get the video because I saved it to my PS4 but I was playing earlier on Decoy and I realized when I was shooting at people, suddenly I wasn't doing any damage. Upon rushing them (assuming my aim was bad) I learned I also couldn't take damage. They were just as confused as I was trying everything. They went for executions, explosives, even thermites. Anyone else had this issue? This was the first time for me.
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2021.11.29 02:36 HawkeyeFire aphantasia and life

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, especially after my first Reiki experience.
I’ve always been aware that I can’t “see” pictures in my head. I I can hear my thoughts, and I can /feel/ the situations I think about, but close the eyes and it’s all black. My spiritual journey began a few years ago, and since then I’ve noticed that I have one particular person in my life I can “see” more of in my head. Memories of us together I can actually see. This person is also one of the closest bonds I’ve formed since my journey began.
Even with my separated spouse, I struggle to conjure up memories with visuals. We lived a similar behavioral pattern to my upbringing, so I imagine that is part of it. But even the happiest moments I can only feel, while struggling to bring the image up.
In Reiki, I began the practice by being asked to “imagine being at my favorite spot”. I could think of the spot, it bounced between two, and I remember my feelings while there, but the images were fleeting at best. I struggled trying until I accepted what I was feeling without the visuals. When I do guided meditations, little bursts of pictures will pop in.
Almost feels like my higher self has it all turned off and let’s me see only what I need to see.
Just wanted to get this off my chest.
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2021.11.29 02:36 helloooolol where did u first hear frank?

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2021.11.29 02:36 minihippie22 How should we deal with these reoccurring thoughts?

For the past year and a half now, I’ve been stuck battling my emotions I feel. Here’s some context.
Im a 16 year old boy. In the summer of last year, I discovered what magic mushrooms were. Did my research, then in October, I took 3.5gs of magic mushrooms. I took them with intent to see pretty colors while my wall danced. In return, the universe reality checked me. And it did not hold back.
I won’t explain my actual experience on this sub, but long story short, It completely flipped my view on life, and changed me unexpectedly. I went through a 6-month existential-depressive episode, where I felt as if I had no purpose in life, and was constantly searching for the “old-me.” But the truth was, I was a clean slate, with no sense of direction. I felt more confused and alone than anything at the time.
I began smoking weed pretty frequently in a attempt to suppress how I was feeling, until I was caught by my parents in may. This, also, was a hard moment for me, as I disappointed my dad more than anything, and felt so much guilt.
I quit, and then tried focusing on bettering myself for good, leaving all those emotions and feelings behind. Over the summer, I got a job, tried working out, and started picking up hobbies. But nothing worked.
Now it’s november, and I feel just as confused as I did last year. I am not okay in the head I feel, but other days I am. I don’t know if its my experience with such a powerful tool that shaped me this way, or if I’m just experiencing normal teenage angst.
I’m sorry if this was a long read, or if I didn’t really make clear how I’m feeling. But I don’t really know how I’m feeling. Also, if this doesn’t belong in this sub I will remove it, but I wasn’t sure where else to go.
I am still very grateful to have experienced all I have in life, yet I still struggle. Religion, identity, social status, etc. have all been other problems I face as well, but this is what I struggle with the most.
Experimenting with these plants at my age is not something I take pride in whatsoever, and I apologize if that wasn’t clear either.
My whole life, I’ve been told how much of lovable and fun person I am, and I just feel like im losing that side of me. I just want to know if I make any sense, or if I even have a valid reason to feel the way I do. I want to know if I’ll do something great in life, that will help others, or if I’ll just end up living a life with nothing to show for it.
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2021.11.29 02:36 Legendarydukez Cooling the Ryzen 7 5800x

I'm picking our parts for my pc and I'm wondering will the Coolermaster Hyper 212 be good enough to cool my non-overclocked cpu? I know thwe chip runs hot but I also have a good airflow case (Corsair 4000d airflow) so I'm hoping this cooler will do fine.
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2021.11.29 02:36 asspicz Message me to trade girls nudes. Need to have their instagrams to go with it.

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2021.11.29 02:36 Fartells Rattlesnake ledge

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2021.11.29 02:36 hmg9194 Finally made it to selection, empty. KEEP TRYING!

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2021.11.29 02:36 aoja17 Song choice at Kendall’s party

At the very beginning of the party, when Ken meets the siblings, ScHoolboy Q’s ‘Man of the Year’, is playing loudly.
Thought it was a great song choice by the writers/set designers/production. Song is full of braggadocio, being the ‘Man of the Moment,’ which is what Kendall is desperately trying to hold on to
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2021.11.29 02:36 omaredditer PRO-LIFE DEBATE discord server is where both pro-choicers and pro-lifers come to debate with each other peacefully! we would love to have you in this relatively new server!
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2021.11.29 02:36 BoneStarr Leaves on my Philodendron are starting to go brown, it's also getting cracks. Am I not watering enough? I water lightly once every 7-10 days and the plant gets decent light as you can see, can I stop this before it gets worse?

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2021.11.29 02:36 GroggleNozzle To whoever needs to hear this:

You are loved. You may not be pretty, or perfect, or feel special, but you are loved. You are perfect to me, you matter so much to the people around you, you are so much more than you every thought about yourself. You are loved beyond imagination... Remember that always..
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2021.11.29 02:36 forceez Dogs meeting at family gathering. What to do?

We're bringing out 7 month old puppy to meet my 12YO retriever family dog for the first time. I've requested that we take both dogs down the road for a walk so they're able to meet on neutral grounds - however my brother insists that "they'll be alright" and "(family dog) listens to me". I'm bringing our metal crate along with us so we have a safe space for the puppy if need be.
What else can we do? I'll push for them to meet in the yard but I'm a bit pessimistic about my brother's approach of just letting the experience unfold and seeing what happens.
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2021.11.29 02:36 wbradleyjr1 Mom Charged With Felony for Questioning School’s Curriculum

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2021.11.29 02:36 sweetiecassie Who can light my cigarette for me x

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2021.11.29 02:36 Affectionate_Golf214 🔥🔥Cyber Monday SALE 50%OFF $19.69 KOOTU Bike Saddle Bag

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