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fu hua 829; raiden mei 657; Artist; negom 508; General; 2girls 328638; bare shoulders 297894; bird hair ornament 110; blood 44610; blue eyes 690485; blue hair 321017; blush 890267; collarbone 186220; eye contact 13957; fu hua (azure empyrea) 113; glasses 158748; hair bun 32055; hair ornament 487749; horns 113711; long hair 1574029; looking at ... It is also the setting of the first Anantara, a multi award-winning resort among Hua Hin hotels, that has inspired dozens more around the globe. Modelled on a traditional Thai village, low-rise gabled pavilions are set among lush tropical grounds with lotus-filled lagoons and meandering pathways through exotic foliage. Designed by our 'O' Levels specialist tutor team, you can find high quality free notes for all chapters across all subjects!. All resources here are free to use.. If you wish to request for specific notes, join our 'O' Levels Telegram Channel here & make your request there! The resort cities of Hua Hin and Cha-am are expecting soft reopening throughout the final quarter with 5% of the overall international arrivals in 2019. ... Albert Einstein's handwritten notes for ... In this paper, the mixed performance and reachable set of uncertain discrete systems with slow variation interval time-varying delay are considered. The original uncertain discrete systems with interval time-varying delay are first transformed into a switched system. Then, the proposed improved results are used to guarantee the stability and reachable set of the uncertain system with slow ... Putting my girls in Hua Cheng is one of the best decisions we have made as Chinese is the subject that I do not have to worry about. The curriculum is also highly relevant and notes given each lesson were useful forrevision. I highly recommend parents to enrol their child in Hua Cheng. Mother of 何乐颖(P6) & 何咏恩(P3) Useful Links. HUA price is down -1.9% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 0 HUA coins and a total supply of 100 Trillion. If you are looking to buy or sell Chihuahua, PancakeSwap (v2) is currently the most active exchange. HUA is the experiment in decentralized community building Notes. a The song has been mistakenly titled as 抹梨花, which is pronounced the same. b Though most commonly known in English as the Jasmine Flower, the title has also been translated as Beautiful Jasmine Flower or Such a Beautiful Jasmine. It has also been transliterated as Mo Li Hua, Mo-Li Hua, Moli Hua: 83– and Molihua. NOTES. Do not store in iron. It is made into a sweet tea and taken in the summertime to protect against the effects of Heat. It is especially appropriate when fever, inflammation and purulence (Fire toxin) prevail. ... Honeysuckle Leaves Jin Yin Hua Ye are less powerful and used when the flowers are in short supply. Hua Chenyu (born February 7, 1990) is a Chinese singer and songwriter who is known for his powerful vocals, wide vocal range, dramatic stage performances and skill in composing. He is one of the most influential singer-songwriters in China. He has gained widespread recognition for his ability to adapt and rearrange songs after participating in Singer 2018.

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2021.11.29 03:18 captmomo What is your definition of a creep?

Have you met any online or in person? Can only guys be creeps?
My definition of a creep is anyone who behaves in manner which makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and repeats that behaviour despite being asked not to.
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2021.11.29 03:18 andrewxros 1901 Rhovanian federal election

The 1901 Rhovanian federal election for the inaugural Parliament of Rhovania was held in Rhovania on Friday 29 March and Saturday 30 March 1901. The elections followed Federation and the establishment of the Commonwealth of Rhovania on 1 January 1901. All 120 seats in the Rhovanian House of Representatives and all 60 seats in the Rhovanian Senate were up for election.
The first Prime Minister of Rhovania, Andrew Peters, who was the incumbent Premier of Victoria, the largest colony in terms of population, went into the inaugural 1901 federal election as the appointed head of a United Party caretaker government. The United Party, formed by the merger of multiple conservative and agrarian parties across state borders held support in both the cities and regional areas across the country.
The United Party won an outright majority of seats, and won the popular vote in every state. The incumbent government remained in office until the 1903 election in which the Peters government would seek to renew their mandate and initiate major reforms, with strong opposition coming from unions and small business.
Then Prime Minister Andrew Peters entered parliament at this election, as did six future Prime Ministers - Alfred Walker, Christopher Martins, Edward Robertson, Joseph Cook, Andrew Fisher, and Billy Kennedy and future opposition leader Frank Hotham.
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2021.11.29 03:18 hernameisganes Christine’s definition of loyalty is so warped

Over the course of the show, I realized how awful her expectations and idea of loyalty are. Especially in this season when Christine questions/gets upset that ✨ Maya ✨ and ✨ Davina ✨ are not as loyal as she thought.
Side note: Maya shit stirs and no one ever confronts her. She is so not neutral but somehow comes off as one of the most neutral people in the office. And Davina’s just trying to squirrel her way back onto the show by kissing ass and staying in the good graces of everyone else.
That was the moment that solidified that Christine expects her friends to never question her, be totally unwavering in their support for her, or use their autonomy “against” her. It reminded me of immature, grade school friendships where it was a “no questions asked” sort of deal, wherein you support your friends no matter what, even if you disagree, even if you know they’re in the wrong.
I think that’s why the Mary-Chrishell friendship really bothered her. She expected Mary to be loyal without question, but Mary, being the smart, grown woman she is, uses her better judgement to not bully Chrishell over something so meaningless in Season 1. It’s also why she’s so upset that Jason and others from the office are friends with Emma, which is an example of them being disloyal to her, in her opinion. In reality, they’re separating these incidents and befriending Emma for very different reasons because, as adults, they can do whatever they want.
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2021.11.29 03:18 Keizaii Looking for a new wallet?

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2021.11.29 03:18 Bigfellabob Should me (19M) and my gf (19F) take a break from one another? **detailed question**

My girlfriend and I are doing long distance (3 hours) in college.
In the beginning things were fine, but then life began to suck for her at school. She couldn’t make friends, felt left out, and hated her roommate, and eventually this all led to her being lonely, depressed, anxious, etc. I did everything I could to help. We facetimed/called a lot (don’t think we went a single day without doing this), texted all the time, and eventually we wanted to try and see each other in person as much as possible.
The first weekend of college, she surprised me at my school and we had a great weekend. The weekend after she came up as well, and we did great again. The next weekend I had the opportunity to go down to her school (I don’t have a car so going down there is extremely difficult to do, but there was a way that time) and I did; we had a great weekend.
But those weekends we believe set a bad precedent: that we had to see each other every weekend. And because we felt this way, she would put the heavy burden on herself to make the trip to my school every weekend and I supported it (never told/asked her to come, but if she said she was gonna do it I fully supported/encouraged it, rather than tell her it may be best to try and find people and stay down where she was).
This is where I think all the problems lie. I think all of this led to things turning from wanting to come every weekend, into having to come every weekend. This, paired with her terrible personal feelings/circumstances at school, led to us losing a lot of excitement, passion, intimacy, etc.
We don’t do many physically intimate things anymore (basically nothing past 2nd base now, yet we had gotten so close to home plate at one point). We still are attracted to one another, but just don’t feel that same excitement like we had. We also feel like a lot of the time when we are together it is somewhat boring or uninteresting. Once again, we still find each other very awesome and fun people to hang out with and it’s our favorite thing to do in the world (i.e. hanging out w/ one another), but it just isn’t the same.
Also, she has made the point multiple times that she no longer feels like herself. She feels like she has lost herself and her identity. It seems that at this moment she doesn’t have the ability to make herself independently happy at her school. I think all of this can be chalked up to why we have lost what we have lost.
But, we both are still in love w/ each other, we believe we are right in every way for each other, and love to spend every day w/ each other. Things like trust, communication, resentment, etc. (normal reasons for breakups) have never been an issue. However, should we take a break?
She thinks that it would be beneficial especially considering next semester she’ll have new classes, a new roommate, a new dorm building, and not having a LDR to think about as deeply will maybe help her rediscover herself; then when she rediscovers herself and is independently happy again, she’ll come back.
I agree with her in that I think she needs to become independently happy again on her own and that her individual happiness will bring back the happiness of our relationship. However, I’m on the fence: is a break truly necessary?
Can we stay together and just talk less throughout the day? Should we commit to seeing each other less and at very specific dates so every meetup is an exciting one and we won’t have to worry about making a stressful, last-minute decision every weekend?
Or is the break the best way to go?
TL;DR: GF and I are in LDR (3 hrs). She was depressed/lonely, so she escaped to me basically every weekend. This was a huge burden for her, but I supported it b/c I felt it was necessary. This became too much for her, and indirectly made her lose her identity/self because she couldn’t find a place to be herself at school. Should we take a break so she can rediscover herself and become independently happy?
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2021.11.29 03:18 fuzzyone06 Any Wiggle Room on the 24 Hour Window?

My twin sons are on Elecare due to a dairy sensitivity, and I have days where I incorrectly estimate how much formula they’re going to need throughout the day. I hate to waste this stuff because it’s so ridiculously expensive. I’m usually pretty close (maybe 1 extra feed’s worth each) but I’m tired of dumping formula down the sink that I know they’ll want in maybe an hour or two. Is the 24hr window a hard and fast rule, or is it ok if it’s an hour or two outside that window?
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2021.11.29 03:18 ribep I wish i didn't have to quit in my last semester

I'm a student and work part-time.I live in Asia. I'm not able to cover part of my semester fees as i couldn't earn much. My semester fees are due next week. If i can't cover my fees i won't be allowed to write my exams.I have requested my college but they said nothing can be done to help.I need 290$ to cover part of my fees. I don't know what to do.I'm dealing with depression for more than a year. My life is just falling apart.I don't have anyone to ask help.Please help me if you can.I don't want to quit.I wish this wasn't happening.Life is getting worse everyday.
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