Cats and Dogs Living Together

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2021.11.29 02:37 Phizle Cats and Dogs Living Together

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2021.11.29 02:37 Ag8467 Silly little cat avoiding taxes

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2021.11.29 02:37 Alwaystilted George Odum

Had a terrible game today. He missed several tackles, including a huge one on Gronk that would have ended a drive that turned into 7 points.
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2021.11.29 02:37 mango4everdo 👜 TRENDY 👠 | Anonymous luxury shopping 🛍️ | 💎 Low mcap | No pump and dump | Redistribution and buyback

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2021.11.29 02:37 edmondpogi Professor Jordan Peterson Slams Justin Trudeau

Professor Jordan Peterson Slams Justin Trudeau
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2021.11.29 02:37 AliveandDead12 Reliable and accurate resources?

Since you guys are fucking nerds, would any of you could recommend me any reliable resources to read concerning enneagram in general? At least, online? beside Chestnuts Paes Academy, Integrative9 and Russell Rowe? I don't mind more in-depth ones. The more informative (and accurate) it is, the better.
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2021.11.29 02:37 6lavender is it okay to use a wine key as a bottle opener?

I have no idea what I'm doing [yet] but very happy to be here.
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2021.11.29 02:37 CattyyyGirl As a single person, what’s the best reply to someone in a relationship saying “Can’t imagine dating again. Sounds terrible.”?

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2021.11.29 02:37 Practical_Pea_2245 Any reassurance helps..pregnancy anxiety

I have SEVERE anxiety that's worsened while pregnant. I'm at 18 weeks- up until a few weeks ago I had panic attacks worrying over a miscarriage. Now I'm worried about preterm labor, premature rupture of the amniotic sac, my baby not making it...the list goes on. I can't stop worrying and my anxiety is inconsolable. I'm going to speak to my ob about it again, and I've tried medication, but nothing helps :(
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2021.11.29 02:37 Patrn-me New artwork 153 by bulografik: Therapy

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2021.11.29 02:37 CMRosso Server Maintenance - November 29th (PST)

Greetings Adventurers,
We will be undergoing maintenance to improve service quality.
■ Server Maintenance
- Schedule: November 29th 4:00PM - 5:40PM(PST) / November 30th 1:00AM - 2:40 (CET)
Check the details below
#BlessUnleashedPC #MMORPG
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2021.11.29 02:37 LordMamba4 Based on a true story

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2021.11.29 02:37 Esterwinde Is it weird to collect school skirts?

I (23M) have always had a skirt fetish ever since I was a child, now that I'm older I've been collecting and buying skirts to fulfill my sexual needs (I'm straight, which makes skirt collecting more stigmatised). My country's school system makes it mandatory for all middle and high schoolers (even elementary schoolers but I don't care about those) to wear school uniforms and recently I've been collecting school skirts as a result of my fetish.
I am NOT pedophlic, the thought of having sexual thoughts of someone younger than 18 grosses me out. I just like to collect the garments themselves as a form of fulfilling sexual desires. But I feel concerned if any of my family members ever find out about my collection. As I'm writing this at the moment I'm afraid of being judged, but oh well that's what you have to go through when you confess something probably bordering on social norms.
Not sure if this belongs here or fetish tho, might need advice.
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2021.11.29 02:37 NevadoDelRuiz I think it will come earlier.

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2021.11.29 02:37 bookumuni What’s the worst hairstyle you’ve ever had?

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2021.11.29 02:37 pye_machine Selen struggles with a grape.

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2021.11.29 02:37 Ion0X I Made My Voice Sound Like A Creature From The Shadow Isles ( Threshs Domain )

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2021.11.29 02:37 bot_neen Expertos afirman que la nueva variante ómicron debería hacer redoblar los esfuerzos de vacunación

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2021.11.29 02:37 triblife I'm looking for someone who can cum tribute NOW my crush( she s hot)

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2021.11.29 02:37 FishbroOnYouTube Mathematically Correct Nasus, Nasus Jungle, My playstyle

This is a polite discussion! Please refrain from insulting each other and be kind when discussing the information presented here thank you :)
Mathematically Correct Nasus
85 ability haste = Ability Haste Cap for Nasus
W/O Cosmic insight/ingenious the cap is 14.3% CDR and 57.2% CDR (125 ability haste)
So for mathematically correct nasus, if you take cosmic insight AND ingenious hunter, once you get 60 item haste, that puts your sheen on a 0.9375 second cooldown, round it to 0.94. We're going to want to have sunderer's cooldown and Q's cooldown at the exact same interval. That means we double the cd to account for when we don't have ult. 0.94 * 2 = 1.88 (1.875 before rounding)Q cooldown. To get 1.88 q cd we need 1.88 / 3.5 = 0.537, we take 0.537 and go 1 - 0.537 to get how much CDR we need. So 1 - 0.537 = 0.463 cdr, move the decimal 2 spaces for the percent and it's 46.3% cdr. Anything over 46.3% cdr nerfs our ults damage output heavily as sunder does not proc on every Q, so 85 ability haste is the ability haste cap for Nasus using both runes.
Let's try without any item haste. We want base Q to be 1.5 seconds and ult to be 0.75, so it lines up with the 1.5 seconds. That means 1.5/3.5 = 0.428, take that number and go 1 - 0.428 = 0.572, or 57.2%, which is our hard-cap. There is another cap, which is more reasonable and similar to the ingenious hunter cap, for ult to have a 1.5 second CD on Q, which means our Q should be 3 seconds without ult. That means we need 3/3.5 = 0.857, 1-0.857 = 0.143 = 14.3% CDR without any item haste. Obviously nasus never settles on a pathetic 14.3% CDR, so we OPT OUT of going for sunderer proc's on every Q during ult. We settle for a middle ground, where we work towards the 57.2% cap which is 125 ability haste.
My build
Predator, taste of blood, eyeballs, ingenious hunter, cosmic insight, biscuits
Skill points Q then E + E + Q + E + R then Q max till lvl 9. You get 3 points in E, don't miss almost any stacks from Q, and you only sacrifice getting wither early. At lvl 10 you take wither. The more damage from Q + E, the faster your clear, the more time you can counter gank, gank with predator.
Get scuttle on spawn, most champs don't go for scuttle on spawn, and with scuttle changes it's as easy as pre-casting E and casting smite as your E is going out, then auto + Qing the scuttle for an instant kill on it, then going back to camps.
First recal = t1 boots + sheen. If can't afford then just get sheen and then boots + tear on 2nd recal
Second recal = tear + t2 or t1 boots, based on affordability
third recall = work towards sunderer.
Full build = Merc Treads, Sunderer, Fumbulwinter, Frozen Heart, Spirit Visage, Gargoyle Stoneplate
Swap out Lucidity boots for merc treads way late in the game when you're at the 85 AH cap and planning on buying something to replace the ability haste lost on the trade-off.
Why no wither?
Because wither is a waste of an ability, a gank in my experiences has never been decided based on wither, either I was going in and whipping their ass at 40% hp, all-inning them with ghost and ult and running them down the lane and tower diving regardless, or I was not gonna get the kill. The constant up-time damage output and stacks from Q and E, armor shred, and overall clear speed benefits from having more points in your damage abilities. Wither's only benefit is using it during a gank; which with predator and ghost, you don't need it as you just run in and get on top then behind the enemy before doing any damage, and walking with them Q-ing them as they walk, or using it against someone invading you and looking to take all your camps. If you're being invaded and getting your ass beat by someone taking all your camps, then I garuntee you're going to lose the game as "We scale into late game" only works when you have camps/farm to scale with. As for the attack speed slow, it's quite neglibile early game against most junglers and it 100% never garuntees you win a 1v1.
Why predator?
We take advantage of ingenious hunter and cosmic insight for the sake of getting fast boots, our kit early on gets a solid amount of burst with predator, lvl 3 E and lvl 2 Q with 200ish stacks and a sheen. We typically get lucidity boots + cosmic insight so we get ghost up as often as possible, and can combine predator and ghost for a garunteed "omg what is that thing" kind of gank. Early game nasus has terrible dps, as Q is not lvl 5 yet and the dps increases exponentially as we hit lvl 9.
Further discussing the skill tree
To go further into it, we do not delay out lvl 9 powerspike with rank 5 Q and ult, as once we hit lvl 9 we have a near 1 second cd on q during ult. With sheen/sunderer, ingenious hunter and ult, our Q is on-par with our sheen cooldown at 1 second, and we destroy people with it.
Currently dominating mid-gold elo with this build, and have had solid success in high elo in match-up favorable games utilizing this playstyle.
Again, feel free to let me know your thoughts and everything on this.
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2021.11.29 02:37 iamnotabot7890 A round is fired from the ship's MK-75 76mm gun aboard the guided missile frigate USS Crommelin (FFG 37). Callao, Peru July 14, 2004 [2164x1367]

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2021.11.29 02:37 Chumchu1 Was this necessary?

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2021.11.29 02:37 lavenderfive Our new validator node is live on Desmos Network! More in comments

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