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2022.01.26 02:05 EACHASKECH Hmmmm

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2022.01.26 02:05 Holobolt Had this dream, woke up chuckling, I know doesn't make much sense but his voice felt so real in dream

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2022.01.26 02:05 Jesscam1 Horror movies like Scream or I Know What You Did Last Summer?

Are there any horror movies that are like the Scream movies or the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies? I like the mystery element that both of them had and that, for the most part, the murders weren’t completely random or overly gruesome. I also enjoyed the fact that they both had both well developed plots and characters. I do not like the new Halloween movies because they are way too gruesome and gory and don’t have great plots, the original one was the only one I liked. Thank you all for any recommendations!
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2022.01.26 02:05 Bobby_day_99 1.18.1 server port forwarding or something not working

I have a MacBook Air running macOS with a 1.18.1 server running on It downloaded from Minecraft which was updated from 1.16.5 it does use a USB ethernet adapter for a physical connection to the internet and I've set up a static IP and port forwarding for it and got it to work with separate users off of my personal network but then I tried to make another server for my brother and just took the adapter but now local on network connections work on both of them but off-network ones don't and I'm perplexed by it I haven't messed with any of the port forwarding and such and it all should be the same but it still doesn't work on the original system
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2022.01.26 02:05 melancholypretense09 Cornholio had a stroke reading this.

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2022.01.26 02:05 Iisveryfunny Team for Razor

So I am currently using Ganyu and Razor for two teams, usually I would have Melt Ganyu with Bennett Xiangling and Zhongli as one of the teams and Razor, Xingqiu, Kaeya, Diona as the other. But I kind of want to try freeze Ganyu with Mona, Sucrose and Diona, leaving Zhongli for My Razor team. So I was just wondering, it is worth using Yunjin and getting Geo resonance with Kaeya/Xingqiu in the 4th slot or is it better to just use Razor, Xingqiu, Kaeya, Zhongli?
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2022.01.26 02:05 peculiar-maple26 College Decision Reaction 2022 (realistic) (average student) 55 SCHOOLS?!

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2022.01.26 02:05 BEEing_ME Demon’s eye popped! Unfortunately it’s just a short but worth a watch.

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2022.01.26 02:05 hsuhduh H: BOS JS W: Field Jacket or Leather Coat

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2022.01.26 02:05 XxPamHalpertxX Does this Karma farming thing actually work?

Guess I'll wait and see
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2022.01.26 02:05 Melby__Lau Teste

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2022.01.26 02:05 Higgus Magicians for Sport Quest Not Showing Up

This is my first playthrough of RDR2 and I'm trying to follow a mission order guide so I don't miss anything. All the guides I see say to do Magicians for Sport after Advertising, The New Armerican Art, but it's just not showing up. I finished Advertising, The New Armerican Art at night, rested til morning, and the quest isn't showing up anywhere. Did I miss a trigger somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.26 02:05 Vichox_11 Ola una pregunta

Quiero entrar a la deep weeb porque todos la mencionan y me gustaria explorar practicamente por curiosidad. Alguien que sepa como puedo entrar y que hay que hacer para que no me doxxen y cosas asi?
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2022.01.26 02:05 adayinthewater Star Wrath hates me.....

Ok so I have a sizeable amount (in my mind at least) of Moon Lord kills on Classic and Expert difficulty. I haven't quite gotten any yet on Master mode, but I am close! The annoying part is that I have all the important ingredients for the Zenith except for the Star Wrath.
This is my sad face ---> :( I know, it's a super unfortunate circumstance.
Did anyone else have issues getting a Start Wrath drop?
Perhaps someone has an extra they would like to swap for something?
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2022.01.26 02:05 QMAC131 Fender Player Plus Meteora and 60th Anniversary Jaguar

On one of the offset groups that I’m a member of on Facebook someone posted a leak of Player Plus Meteoras and the 60th Anniversary Jags, but looks like it got taken down. The meteoras looked rad and had strat trems, wide range humbuckers and were offered with a maple fingerboard. Been waiting for the 60th anniversary jags for quite some time. Wondering if anyone else saw the post. I regret not taking a screen shot. Wondering if anyone else saw the post I’m taking about!
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2022.01.26 02:05 Ovlizin WARNING: Do Not Take The Free Vacation.

My sims were offered the free vacation to leave my teenage sim alone, This is my gen 3 my gold digger sim had the hear from my first gen in her inventory and the game sent her, her husband 4 of their 7 adult children (the other had moved) leaving my teenage son alone with his toddler brother with the butler and daily maids in their mansion. he is disciplined so he didn't do anything naughty just homework, sleep, everyone came back in the morning, here's the kicker:
ALL THEIR INVENTORIES? WIPED. that means I lost the son of my gen 1 sims grave ( his wife had it), all the books and items from my gen 1,2, and 3 generations that had been written by sims who have since passed. Diplomas, collectable, books from world adventures locations, life time wish rewards and treasure.
I was going to reload back a few save as' but I decided instead to pick my next heir and straight up nraas move to a new town ditching my sims empty inventory and all to kick off for a new gen.
just wanted to warn people.
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2022.01.26 02:05 RootsTri Suggestions on where to purchase a new front door? What else do I need to know?

I'm looking to replace my front door in the coming weeks. I've taken a look at some of the doors available in the big box stores, but wonder if it's a better idea to purchase one online since the ones in store seem to have a little wear and tear already. Where do you recommend buying a new exterior door? (I'm in central Texas, USA). I'm also looking for any advice or things I should know before I begin this project.

I spent some time last year doing research. Here's some decisions I've made thus far.

I took a look to see if this was something I could tear out and install myself and I decided: no. I'd rather pay a professional to do it right than risk screwing something up with my inexperience. I have a general contractor that I like that helped me remodel my kitchen over a year ago that I'm calling up to see if they can help out with this (if not, I guess I find a handyman or something?). My plan is to get a quote and make sure the contractor tells me what specs I need to have for the new door, shop around and buy it myself, then have them come do the install after it is delivered. I'll also take care of purchasing all the new hardware and threshold to install. Is this a good plan, or am I naive about something here?
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2022.01.26 02:05 Stummlys I’m just not okay

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2022.01.26 02:05 KrabKult [ps4][ds3][help] Vertebrae Shackles?

Hey! Is there anyone else here that needs to get these? I only have 1 of them and need 29 more for the Warmth pyromancy in order to get the trophy. We could trade kills or something with sign. Or start fightclub if people are willing. I've been killing these two curved blade skeleton guys in carthus catacombs for an hour and haven't seen a single drop
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2022.01.26 02:05 linglingpractice41h What is the best sex you ever had and how?

Please leave an upvote and comment.
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2022.01.26 02:05 Alia2121 Should I confront the guy I matched with that his profile is fake or should I block and delete?

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2022.01.26 02:05 Syllania Seriously DC?

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2022.01.26 02:05 t3p0rn una noticia internacional de nuestro amado Mujico

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2022.01.26 02:05 EL10T00 Ethermine polygon payouts

This is the ethermine polygon wallet and it seems like they are out of balance and all these transactions have error message "Fail with error 'ERC20: transfer amount exceeds balance'". What's the solution to this?
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2022.01.26 02:05 nverm0re_ water is the flavor of the temperature of the room

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